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Board Memembers and Responsabilities

President Elect: First year term of Affiliate President ,

  • Attend WAEYC Affiliate Board Meetings
  • Give written and oral reports to WAEYC/EWAEYC
  • Schedule speakers and facilities to hold monthly Chap. Affiliate Mtgs.
  • Prepare a yearly schedule of meeting times, speakers and locations.
  • Attend annual business meeting

Affiliate President: Second year term of Affiliate Pres., Laura Ring

  • Preside at all Membership and Advisory Board Mtgs.
  • Inform each officer and chairperson of duties
  • Create and appoint ad hoc committees
  • Serve as ex officio on all committees
  • Write a “President’s Message” for news letter
  • Appoint persons to fill vacancies with board approval
  • Notify newly elected and appointed person immediately following the official elections
  • Prepare a list of officers and committees chairpersons by August and send copies to Adv. Board Members
  • Maintain President Files and Notebook

Past President: Third year term of Affiliate President, Becky Rushing

  • Act as advisor to President and Advisory board Members
  • Ascertain that all board member receive updated policies etc.
  • Orient newly elected Adv. Board Members in the absence of out going board members
  • Serve as Chairperson of Nominations & election committee
  • Perform other duties assigned by Adv. Board
  • Keep advisory Board informed of any unfinished business (“next steps”)
  • Maintain file of job descriptions, policies and by-laws
  • Oversee Members at Large
  • Attends all WAEYC state meetings with president elect

Affiliate Secretary: Elected position with a 2 year term, Kay Seidel

  • Record the business of all Adv. Board Mtgs. & have a copy of minutes available at the Board meeting.
  • Type and edit meeting minutes and distribute to all board members within 10 days.
  • Take attendance at Board meetings
  • Maintain an up to date file of all pertinent information
  • Count any secret ballots
  • Maintain a notebook to be passed on.

Affiliate Treasurer: Elected position with a 2 year term, Marla Chance

  • Perform duties and responsibilities as outlined in by-laws and policies
  • Maintain accurate records of bank accounts
  • Develop and maintain budget with help of finance committee
  • Arrange for audit according to by-laws.
  • Pay all bills and reimbursements
  • File all tax returns, forms etc.
  • Coordinate with Membership Chair for collected dues
  • Provide cash and cash box at events
  • Provide an oral financial report at board mtgs.
  • Prepare oral/written budget report for the office of treasurer in addition to the yearly financial statement, for the final meeting of the fiscal year.
  • Serve on Finance Committee one year after term
  • Maintain a records and a notebook

Accreditation Chair: Appointed position with a 2 year term, Christine Ruby

  • Serve as liaison between the Advisory Board and NAEYC and state accreitation offices.
  • Coordinate information concerning NAEYC Accreditation. Ensure communication with the Advisory Board on new developments in the accreditation process.
  • Provide assistance with materials and supplies for early childhood programs seeking accreditation if needed.
  • Keep information on NAEYC accreditation up-to-date for dissemination to individuals of programs upon request.
  • Promote accreditation process through information and training at conferences, in newsletters, and other membership communications.
  • Maintain a notebook of the work of this position and pass it on to the next Accreditation Chairperson. The notebook shall be kept current. Orientation and passing on of the notebook shall take place immediately following approval of appointed chairperson by the Advisory Board.


Member At Large: Elected position with a 2 year term, (SEEKING NEW BOARD MEMBER)

  • Act as a liaison between board and members
  • Serve as a chairperson for ad hoc committees
  • Submit newsletter articles as needed
  • Work with scholarships
  • Work together to nominate, plan and implement professional of the year award
  • Plan Dec. event
  • Members oversee and mentor with Board members for Newsletter, Public Policy, Membership and Community Ed.

Publicity Coordinator: Appointed position with a 2 year term, (SEEKING NEW BOARD MEMBER)

  • Liaison between Adv. Board and Ad-hoc committees
  • Coordinate information concerning community events
  • Order supplies & pamphlets for events
  • Provide monthly newsletter article summarizing topics and location.
  • Give reminder calls one week in advance
  • Take attendance and provide an evaluation form.

Membership Chair: Appointed position with a 2 year term, Cindy Ashworth

  • Welcome all new members by sending a welcome letter.
  • Receive all membership applications and process forms
  • Keep membership list current and provide a copy of all who ask at the Board Meetings
  • Provide mailing labels
  • Update and order NAEYC flyers.

Resource Librarian: Appointed position with a 2 year term (SEEKING NEW BOARD MEMBER)

  • Maintain current library of NAEYC publications
  • Submit article of new materials to the editor of newsletter
  • Display current material at chapter affiliate meetings
  • Keep on hand current NAEYC resource catalog
  • Responsible for setting up & enlisting help to run sales table
  • Elicit door prizes for Chapter Affiliate Meetings

Public Policy Chair:Appointed position with a 2 year term, (SEEKING NEW BOARD MEMBER)

  • Seek legislative information on line
  • Keep board informed of issues
  • Notify Board of position statements
  • Disseminate public policy information for newsletter
  • Attend NAEYC legislative training sessions
  • Keep a file of phone and email contacts



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